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A boutique Pilates Studio in South Fremantle, Western Australia. We pride ourselves on running outstanding pilates classes with a personal touch.  Our mission is to help you build a strong and balanced life.  

Your body was made to bend and move and flex and stretch, not sit still all day, everyday.  Experience just how amazing your body can feel.  It’s time to feel wunda-ful again!


The Wunda Reform Guarantee

"I know your time is precious, so if you don't love your class, every class, we will refund you the class price and credit you unlimited classes for the whole week."
Daniel Staton
Lead Instructor & Director

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The Wellbeing Challenge

We have launched our Happy Vitamin Challenge, designed to get you outside and feeling better! It’s the easiest challenge you’ll ever complete.

Welcome to the Mat Workshop

Across the four weeks of February, Wunda Reform Pilates is running a foundational series workshop.  If you are new to Pilates and want a paced introduction to Pilates exercises click on the link below and sign up for our Welcome to the Mat series.  

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PO Box 684

South Fremantle, WA 6162

Phone: 08 6165 8841

Email: studio@wundareformpilates.com.au

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