About Wunda Reform

No matter if you are looking to shake up your workout or are returning to physical activity after a hiatus, Wunda Reform Pilates has what you need. Pilates is perfect for people looking to shake up their workout routine and cross train, but is also gentle enough for those who are rehabilitating or just getting back into physical activity.

Wunda Reform Pilates is a boutique pilates studio launching in 2020 in Perth, Western Australia. We offer a range of classes and affordable membership options. No matter what you are looking for in pilates, we have your covered.

Meet Your Instructor



Dan is the founder and mastermind behind Wunda Reform Pilates. He is a current serving member of the full-time Australian Defence Force, working as both a vehicle mechanic and fitness leader. He knows the importance of not just keeping fit but looking after your body so it can keep doing all the things we demand of it. Dan aims to share the benefits of pilates with all his clients. He is driven to planning and running classes that all members of Wunda Reform Pilates can enjoy while being challenged.