PILATES has long been a benchmark exercise for dancers, performing artists and gymnasts since its inception during WWI. Joseph Pilates believed that through correct and mindful movement of the body, illnesses, injury and chronic disease would be minimised, if not completely avoided. If your body is free to move, you are free to live life to the fullest potential. 

Just some of the benefits of Pilates are listed below:


Develop a strong mind-body connection

Pilates requires you to think about each and every part of your body as you move. This means you will have a new found awareness of how you move and perform tasks throughout the day.

Build a strong & toned core and back

Although Pilates works the whole body, 99% of the movements start in the powerhouse of the body. When your core is strong and balance, movements of the extremities become easier and more controlled.

A balanced and symmetrical body

Feel balanced, supported and tall as you move.

Increase joint mobility

Increase your range of motion at the same time as increased joint stability and strength.

Increase flexibility

In Pilates we stretch as we strengthen. These movements lengthen your muscles, reduce tension and allow you to feel liberated in your body.

Reduce joint pain

Build strong, nourished and mobile joints by performing movements through full range of motion.

Improve athletic performance

Build incredible strength and control within your intrinsic muscular system to help support your global muscles through high level physical activity.

Correct faulty posture

Lengthen and straighten the spine, correct imbalances and build strength in the postural muscles to prevent poor posture.

Low impact exercise

Pilates is a low impact exercise that can be performed by anyone** making it perfect for beginners and athletes looking for a unique cross-training option

**Pilates exercise can be performed by healthy individuals or anyone who has gained clearance from their GP, allied health professional or other practitioner. 

"Physical fitness, the first prerequisite to happiness"

If you have a healthy and mobile body you can enjoy what life has to offer, unrestricted.

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