The Wunda Reform Pilates New Year Challenge


Take the next step to starting a new morning and exercise routine with five Pilates mat classes, in the sun at South Beach Recreational Reserve, South Fremantle. 

Who is it for?

This challenge is for anyone who wants to make 2020 the year they make some time for themselves! At Wunda Reform Pilates we hope this challenge helps you to focus on scheduling some movement into your week.

So join us for 5 straight mornings of Pilates Mat classes at 6:45am across the first five mornings of the roaring 20s!


Pilates helps to give you long, lean muscles, improved mobility, increased flexibility, joint stability and a strong powerhouse (*The core; consisting of the abdominals, deep pelvic muscles, lower back and spinal erectors). 

What better way to gain all these benefits than by doing it out in the sun by the beach!

Still Not Convinced?

We haven’t told you about your instructor yet!  Dan was born and raised in WA before spending 9.5 years in the Australian Army as a soldier-tradesman and fitness leader. He is now leading a new life teaching teaching Pilates and helping to heal with movement. 

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