Our classes follow our motto of Strength | Precision | Control

Our classes are designed to assist you in first building strength so that you can learn to move with precision and eventually progress to challenging pilates exercises designed to test your control over your entire body (and mind).  As we build and grow we are constantly adding new classes and are currently running Pilates mat classes at three locations in the Fremantle area.

Community Mat Classes

Slow and precise movements to strengthen your body

Matwork was a foundation of Joseph Pilates’ practice.  It allows you to challenge yourself against your own weight (and gravity).  It is a fantastic way to build strength, and is a good test to see if you are as strong as you believe.

Ground yourself and sign up for a pilates matwork class.

Pilates Workshops

Move with precision and control

This is a technical introduction, or development, to your Pilates practice.  During this workshop you will have the opportunity to learn the basics of Pilates methodology and how to move your body to feel great. 

During these workshops, you will be guided through foundational Pilates movements and exercises.

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South Fremantle, WA 6162

Phone: 08 6165 8841

Email: studio@wundareformpilates.com.au

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